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Most of the storm was east of us.  We only got about 6 inches. 

Friday, December 18, 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009



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The new chicken coop arrived today.  It should have been a quick and easy delivery, but it wasn’t.    We want it to be next to the sheep barn, but the pile of pine shavings are at the end of the gravel driveway, and we have not had enough freezing weather to freeze the ground solid.  The ground next to the shavings pile is soft- so Mike set up wooden blocks for them to set it on next to a different building.   We figured we would skid it to where we want it later in the winter when the ground is frozen. 

When the delivery guys arrived they met me at the house.  I made the mistake of saying, “let’s walk”.  I showed them the site that Mike had set up and the guy said, “well where do you really want it?”  Since we were WALKING I showed him the area.  He said, “I think I can make that.”  The second delivery guy said, “you are going to get stuck.  This ground is too soft.”  I said, “that’s what I thought, and that is why Mike set this area up over here- so let’s just put it there.”  Delivery guy #1 says, “It wouldn’t be the first time I got stuck, and it won’t be the last- I am willing to try.”  What I SHOULD have asked, What is your plan if you DO get stuck?  That would have given delivery guy #1 the chance to say, “we can pull it out with that tractor.”   To which I would have said, “no, we can’t.”   We don’t have a big tractor- just a nice moderate tractor which is NOT meant to pull out flat-bed diesel trucks with an 8 x12 building loaded on it. 

So, delivery guy #1 “tried it”- and, got stuck.   They had arrived at 1:00pm, they finally unloaded the coop (in the location that Mike had prepared) at 4:00pm. 

Mike had set these out to put the chicken coop on. The reason was that the coop wouldn't freeze to the ground and then we could skid it to the place we really want it.


still stuck

stopped dead

soft ground

Finally- and right in the spot Mike had prepared!


chicken's entrance


nest boxes and perchroosts

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We refer to this group of sheep as “the wethers”- even though there are a few ewes in the group.  We use them to train our herding dogs.   The sheep with docked tails were “dog broke” sheep we purchased.  We started with good, calm sheep and they have helped teach the new “herding sheep” how to behave.  When working with inexperienced dogs, it is nice to have a group of sheep that are calm and trust the shepherd.    They have a winter pasture next to the barn and Emine prefers to be with this group of sheep in the winter months. 






Emine gives her friend a kiss

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snow moving down the ridge


The two pictures  above were taken from the same spot

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the (not so) home brew

Yuengling (America’s Oldest Brewery) makes a good lager- but I have “improved” upon it by adding a little of our 100 %- straight grape juice.   I got the idea because this past summer we went to Nantucket and the local brewery (Cisco) was making a blueberry beer.  It was good.   Since we had made juice from our grapes, I thought I would try adding that to the beer- it is GOOD and a little more “festive”.

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