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As I mentioned in the last post, I had hoped to keep these ewes for many years to come- but sadly, we are selling our flock.  This is the Perfect opportunity for someone getting started, or anyone who wants to add true quality to an existing program.  August 1, 2016 we put an RR ram with the flock, so they could start lambing as early as January 2017. There is a lot more information about these ewes in the pervious post.  Please take the time to look around the blog. If you are interested, please send an email to cadiepruss@yahoo.com

We are also selling 2 adult Kangals (Livestock guard dogs).  They are both spayed and both 3 years old.


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Happy 2016!   I am really looking forward to our lambing season this year.   In 2015 we decided to keep only RR ewes and lambs.  We had a lot of really beautiful and productive QR ewes and we were proud to offer them for sale to other breeders.  Mike and I have always had strict selection criteria including good mothering skills, milk production, rate of gain of lambs, ability to thrive on pasture, and worm resistance.  Every year we cull animals that do not meet our criteria, and we don’t sell them to others for breeding.

In 2015 we decided that we were going to add one new criteria- RR.  In years past we had to have all lambs born to a QR ewe tested.   We have only used RR rams since 2005 so we have not had any QQ animals for a decade, but we have kept QR ewes that otherwise met our criteria.

Every year we also have a few that we need to cull because they have lost their ear tags.  That always makes me so frustrated.  We have 2 ear tags- one small brass one that we put in at birth, and the larger plastic one.  They go in opposite ears.  Frequently a sheep will only lose one, but if they lose them both, we can’t use them in our registered flock anymore.  That is the worst way to cull your flock.

Because we cut down to 22 ewes and lambs, and we really liked this flock, we decided we were going to put an end to culling due to lost ear tags.  We microchipped each of them and GUESS WHAT !!!!   Last week, when we brought them off the pastures to vaccinate and bring in the barn, one ewe had lost BOTH ear tags.  She had them in the summer when we did the microchipping.  If only one animal is missing ear tags, it is easy to figure out who they are, but more than one- and they are doomed.  Now, because I was able to scanner her and verify who she is, I can purchase a replacement tag.   I am so happy we did this.  I hope to have these ewes for a very long time.

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We only use RR rams, so all of our ewes are at least QR.  We are a pasture based farm and do not feed grain

We have 13 registered ewes- some are known RR.

We have 6 ewes that have lost their identification ear tags- so we are selling them as commercial ewes.

email cadiepruss@yahoo.com

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We also have 2 rams for sale.

CAP 480 is a 5 year old RR registered ram.  He has done great for us and now he is ready for a new opportunity.

CAP 747 is a 2015  RR ram that was born as a twin whose mother had lost her ear tag- so he is being sold as a commercial ram.

CAP480_2015 CAP747_RR_2

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good picture_3_9_2013DSCN4466







DSCN4609The puppies had moved from the house, to the sheep barn, and this past (warm) weekend they got to go out into our sheep handling area to play. The sheep handling area is a 30′ x 40′ heavy duty fenced area where we bring the sheep to administer vaccines, trim hooves, and provide other care. The puppies were so cute. Some of our herding sheep were eating hay next to the fence. The puppies met the sheep, met Eber, and just played. By the time I got the camera, they were winding down.

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DSCN4380_croppedThe puppies have left the house and moved out to the barn. I have constantly been amazed at how clean these puppies keep themselves.  When they were in the house, they choose a portion of the pen to poop and they only went in that location.  They have done the same now that they have moved to the barn.  It sure makes clean up easier.   I DO still have puppies available and I would LOVE to hear from you if you would like one.  When you contact me, let me know if you are looking for a Kangal to use as a Livestock guard dog or family pet.  Also let me know if you are interested in breeding or not.  I ask because there are 2 that are not “breeding quality”.  They have white markings that are not approved for the breed, so they will be sold on spay/neuter contracts.   There are a few that are just beautiful representives of this breed.  I think it would be nice if they were kept intact.

cadiepruss@yahoo.com    is my email address.   I can ship.

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I highly recommend looking at the Kangal Dog Club website if you think you might be interested in a Kangal.

We absolutely love ours. But we have also gotten to know our neighbors while searching for our dogs. They don’t get out often (I can only recall 3 times)- but they have NO intentions of “coming when called”- so even if you see them, catching them is another matter. A good fence is a must!

I think our dogs are just the BEST- and I can’t believe how great Emine has adapted to being in the house. She is 7 years old and has never been in the house before, but it is too cold for her and her puppies to be anywhere else. She is such a tollerent dog too.

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