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Eber is a great guardian for the livestock, but a really sweet guy to people.  He has an outstanding pedigree full of Turkish imports.  He has a lot to offer the breed and would be very valuable in a breeding program.  We purchased him as a puppy for that reason, but we have decided not to breed these great dogs, so Eber is available.  He is UKC registered and has already had his DNA recorded with them.  Not only would he make a great guard dog (which is currently is doing), but he would be a great show dog, or a great pet. If you are interested, email cadiepruss@yahoo.com

Baby Eber- yes he is leash trained

Baby Eber- yes he is leash trained

Baby Eber

Baby Eber


Eber as an adult

Eber as an adult


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good picture_3_9_2013DSCN4466







DSCN4609The puppies had moved from the house, to the sheep barn, and this past (warm) weekend they got to go out into our sheep handling area to play. The sheep handling area is a 30′ x 40′ heavy duty fenced area where we bring the sheep to administer vaccines, trim hooves, and provide other care. The puppies were so cute. Some of our herding sheep were eating hay next to the fence. The puppies met the sheep, met Eber, and just played. By the time I got the camera, they were winding down.

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3_9_2013_Eber_Emine_A (3)


The story was called Kangal: A Turkish Shepherd’s Best Friend

This is a link to the archived NRP story about this wonderful breed.   We feel privileged to have them.

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DSCN4380_croppedThe puppies have left the house and moved out to the barn. I have constantly been amazed at how clean these puppies keep themselves.  When they were in the house, they choose a portion of the pen to poop and they only went in that location.  They have done the same now that they have moved to the barn.  It sure makes clean up easier.   I DO still have puppies available and I would LOVE to hear from you if you would like one.  When you contact me, let me know if you are looking for a Kangal to use as a Livestock guard dog or family pet.  Also let me know if you are interested in breeding or not.  I ask because there are 2 that are not “breeding quality”.  They have white markings that are not approved for the breed, so they will be sold on spay/neuter contracts.   There are a few that are just beautiful representives of this breed.  I think it would be nice if they were kept intact.

cadiepruss@yahoo.com    is my email address.   I can ship.

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I highly recommend looking at the Kangal Dog Club website if you think you might be interested in a Kangal.

We absolutely love ours. But we have also gotten to know our neighbors while searching for our dogs. They don’t get out often (I can only recall 3 times)- but they have NO intentions of “coming when called”- so even if you see them, catching them is another matter. A good fence is a must!

I think our dogs are just the BEST- and I can’t believe how great Emine has adapted to being in the house. She is 7 years old and has never been in the house before, but it is too cold for her and her puppies to be anywhere else. She is such a tollerent dog too.

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1_30_2013 just born 02

1_30_2013 just born 30

1_30_2013 just born 17

1_30_2013 just born 18

1_30_2013 just born 22

1_30_2013 just born 15

1_30_2013 just born 06Emine has been delivering puppies all day, but I *THINK* we are done now. She had 10 puppies- 6 boys and 4 girls. We are currently taking deposits if anyone is interested.
Although Emine is a full-time Livestock Guard Dog, she is amazing!!! I had hoped to breed her a few years ago, but she keeps herself so clean, that I never caught her in season. This year I finally bought a male, and viola!

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