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I highly recommend looking at the Kangal Dog Club website if you think you might be interested in a Kangal.

We absolutely love ours. But we have also gotten to know our neighbors while searching for our dogs. They don’t get out often (I can only recall 3 times)- but they have NO intentions of “coming when called”- so even if you see them, catching them is another matter. A good fence is a must!

I think our dogs are just the BEST- and I can’t believe how great Emine has adapted to being in the house. She is 7 years old and has never been in the house before, but it is too cold for her and her puppies to be anywhere else. She is such a tollerent dog too.

1_30_2013 just born 02

1_30_2013 just born 30

1_30_2013 just born 17

1_30_2013 just born 18

1_30_2013 just born 22

1_30_2013 just born 15

1_30_2013 just born 06Emine has been delivering puppies all day, but I *THINK* we are done now. She had 10 puppies- 6 boys and 4 girls. We are currently taking deposits if anyone is interested.
Although Emine is a full-time Livestock Guard Dog, she is amazing!!! I had hoped to breed her a few years ago, but she keeps herself so clean, that I never caught her in season. This year I finally bought a male, and viola!

Emine is Expecting!  She is due the 1st week of Feburary.  We are really looking forward to having Kangal puppies.

Emine is the Best Livestock Guard Dog !  She is friendly to people, reasonable, Trustworthy (that is what her name means) – yet very protective.  I trust her with my …..(flock’s)   life 🙂

picking up Eber_compressed

CAP 480

CAP 480

CAP 480

CAP 480

NDS 07 668

NDS 07 668

These rams are GRASS FED ONLY!  NO GRAIN for these guys. 

Katahdin hair sheep shedding- early may