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RR ewe lamb

RR ewe lamb

Mike and I host the Mid Atlantic Hair Sheep sale.  We do this activity on our own- not as a part of an organization- because there are no organizations in the area to do this and we feel there is a need.  It takes a tremendous amount of time and of course it takes a lot of money to do this sort of event.   I could be wrong- but I thought that having an event where hair sheep producers could come get together, talk up their breed, or talk up their farm (to buyers that is)- talk to one another about “sheep issues”- and have a single place where they could increase the genetics in their flock would be a good thing.

The sale was on Saturday.  We offered a consignors dinner Friday night.  The purpose of this is many.  1st- I knew that I would need to be at the barns to check in sheep, and I need to eat dinner- SO- why not bring a grill, chicken, salad, etc. and offer a free meal to the consignors.  That would give everyone a more relaxed opportunity to just talk.  A more social event- no stress.  

This year I had gotten PASA to host a small-ruminant workshop on Friday and Saturday morning.  This would give shepherds an educational opportunity as well.  Come, learn something, talk sheep, buy sheep.  Sounds like fun to me!

I think that shepherds that have less well known breeds should REALLY be the ones attending- and getting others with their breeds to attend!  It is a good place to let potential buyers know you are coming- and while you are there- talk up your sheep!

Although Mike and I host this sale- it is the responsibility of everyone who comes to advertise they will be selling sheep at this sale.  It is the responsibility of all consignors to promote the sale, build desire and competition and attract buyers.  Everyone wants to have the “high selling animal”- but the person who really promotes the sale and gets the buyers to come and bid against eachother for the opportunity to take home your sheep- that shepherd will do the most for the total sale.

We will do it again next year- and hope it dosen’t POUR like it did this year.  Oct. 23, 2010.  Hope to see you there


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We are preparing, the sheep are arriving, it is exciting.   Are you coming?

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Only one more week until the event.  I have been working on getting everything together for this sale.  It is A LOT of work.  I enjoy the activity because I really get excited about bringing people together to discuss sheep and breeding stock.  I love to hear the different perspectives of the different breeds of sheep.  We may all be working towards a common goal, but we are going about it a bit differently. 

If you are interested in purchasing good quality breeding stock- this will be the place to be!   October 24, 2009  Reedsville, PA .  The sale starts at 1:00pm but people will be there all day. 

The Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture is hosting a small ruminant workshop in conjunction with this sale.  I don’t know if they are full- but if you are interested, you can check out www.pasafarming.org

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