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We only use RR rams, so all of our ewes are at least QR.  We are a pasture based farm and do not feed grain

We have 13 registered ewes- some are known RR.

We have 6 ewes that have lost their identification ear tags- so we are selling them as commercial ewes.

email cadiepruss@yahoo.com

cap 700 CAP509_CAP771 For Sale For Sale3 For Sale4 outstandingForSale outstandingForSale2untagged untagged_2

We also have 2 rams for sale.

CAP 480 is a 5 year old RR registered ram.  He has done great for us and now he is ready for a new opportunity.

CAP 747 is a 2015  RR ram that was born as a twin whose mother had lost her ear tag- so he is being sold as a commercial ram.

CAP480_2015 CAP747_RR_2


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The best shape for grazing? rectangular!  Show animals are high on leg and tubular in body- but long legs just mean long necks (or they can’t reach the forages).  There are a lot of articles, and Gerald Fry has made a name for himself studying the efficiencies of grazing animals.   It turns out- the “folk art” pictures had it right- large rectangular bodies, short legs, short necks.

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