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Katahdin hair sheep shedding- early may

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scenes of winter

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Most of the storm was east of us.  We only got about 6 inches. 

Friday, December 18, 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009


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IMG_3947IMG_3948Beauty, enjoyment, health, sustenance.  Pumpkins and squashes.  I just love them.  Fall is the only time of year I do a decorative display.  I love the beauty of the their colors, shapes, texture.  I don’t carve them anymore, but one of my early dates with Mike was out to a farm to pick pumpkins, carve them, and then make pumpkins seeds.  Fun. 

  The nights are getting colder and it is now time to take these beautiful pumpkins and turn them into pumpkin filling.  We will can them for future pies and eat the seeds today.  Yummmmm.

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Hunter’s Moon

The full moon following the Harvest Moon is the Hunter’s Moon.  I just love the fall full moons.IMG_3900IMG_3898

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