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DSCN4609The puppies had moved from the house, to the sheep barn, and this past (warm) weekend they got to go out into our sheep handling area to play. The sheep handling area is a 30′ x 40′ heavy duty fenced area where we bring the sheep to administer vaccines, trim hooves, and provide other care. The puppies were so cute. Some of our herding sheep were eating hay next to the fence. The puppies met the sheep, met Eber, and just played. By the time I got the camera, they were winding down.


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1_30_2013 just born 02

1_30_2013 just born 30

1_30_2013 just born 17

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1_30_2013 just born 06Emine has been delivering puppies all day, but I *THINK* we are done now. She had 10 puppies- 6 boys and 4 girls. We are currently taking deposits if anyone is interested.
Although Emine is a full-time Livestock Guard Dog, she is amazing!!! I had hoped to breed her a few years ago, but she keeps herself so clean, that I never caught her in season. This year I finally bought a male, and viola!

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Katahdin hair sheep shedding- early may

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The best shape for grazing? rectangular!  Show animals are high on leg and tubular in body- but long legs just mean long necks (or they can’t reach the forages).  There are a lot of articles, and Gerald Fry has made a name for himself studying the efficiencies of grazing animals.   It turns out- the “folk art” pictures had it right- large rectangular bodies, short legs, short necks.

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Nothing like a home grown meal- but if you can’t grow all of it yourself, we would be happy to supply you with the lamb.

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